About macandsoft

Hi! My name is Gustavo Gómez und ich bin ein (self-declared) Berliner! My great passion is tecnology.

I finished my studies for telecommunications and informatics in Madrid and moved to Berlin, where I have been working as a freelancer, MAC specialist, and IT- Admin for a variety of companies and sectors ever since.

I founded macandsoft as my passion project to help companies and teams, especially from the creative sector, make full usage of their macOS and IT Systems. I work with all common operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac) and over the years, I have formed my expertise for Apply Systems in particular.

I offer tailored solutions to improve your internal IT processes. I help you find appropriate storage- and network solutions for your company, as well as optimized maintenance and administration processes for your IT equipment. I am a reliable partner for upgrading, or even shifting to macOS Systems and offer personalized training sessions for your teams.

Focus on your business - macandsoft takes of IT!

It's that simple!

Managed IT-Services for your company:

First, we have a free consultation session, in which we define the needs and IT-objectives of your company. Be it short-term IT-solutions, long-term and periodic system- and network administration, setting up or reconstructing your IT-infrastructure, tecnical support tasks, or training sessions for you and your team – I can help! I am specialized in iMAC and Windows solutions, as well as data migrations. I am happy to assist you with IT-equipment and software purchases.

After detailing your company needs, I will send you a customized action plan to achieve your goals and KPIs.

We are here for you – the macandsoft IT-help desk offers remote and on-site emergency support on weekends and bank holidays.

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macOS & iOS

As macOS-specialist, I help your teams use Apply-Systems appropriately and benefit from them to the max: macOS migrations, upgrades, trainings, data back-ups, anti-theft and conectivity set-ups. Let‘s do it all.

Servers and Data security

Setting up appropriate storage- and memory structures is crucial! I help you build coherent server- and network structures with user-based accesses and permissions to uniformly and securely store your data.

Network administration

Stable connections between office work stations, conference rooms, and home-office devices is fundamental to securing reliable communication flows. I take charge of telecommunications, router-, cable-, scanner, and printer installations for a flawless user experience.

IT Documentation

Continuity and clear processes build trust, save time and avoid misunderstandings. I document your work processes and data storage procedures to guarantee consistant and stable IT-structures for your company.

Operative systems maintenance

I help you find the ideal operating system for your company, install it and maintain it up-to-date. I take care of product licence renewals, software updates, and data migrations. I also help you make purchase decisions for new IT equipment.


macandsoft offers an extensive and customizable IT-service package: Our services cover both the strategic, as well as the tecnical IT-objectives of your company.

I work with all common operating systems and I am specialized in iMac Apple products.

  • Support

    What makes macandsoft so special?
    What makes macandsoft so special? On-site or remotely, the macandsoft helpdesk is here for you! We have a reliable emergency support service on weekends and public holidays. We know that IT problems sometimes arise after office hours and want to make sure your processes can run smoothly at all times.

  • macOS - iOS

    Apple products are my thing! I am a declared Apple geak and can support you when switching to, or upgrading to new Apple-Systems. Software and hardware installations and maintenance, tips and tricks to maximize your user experience, iCoud solutions, equipment inventories, theft protection – I do it all! I assist you in taking strategic purchasing decisions and offer training sessions for your teams.

  • Server and data security

    Not sure how to store data and sensitive information securely? I can help! Let me suggest you best practices for your use case and configurations for cloud- and NAS systems, domain servers. I can build a secure structure for your needs with user-based accesses and permissions, to bring your workflows to the next level.

  • Network administration

    The more efficent the network is, the more agile are your teams! I help your company plan and build a secure network structure. Count on me for server set-ups, Ibiquiti WLAN networks, data security, cable installation, inventories, and other administrative tasks.

  • IT Documentation

    For your IT- and network structures to last and live, it is important to document all implemented and improved IT-processes. This way, your teams have clear guidelines at hand, new team members can be onboarded quickly and efficiently and team leaders gain a strategic overview on existing structures.

  • Operative system maintenance

    macOS, Windows, or Linux, I help you choose the ideal operating system for your company, install it and maintain it. I am well informed about current IT-trends and can assist you in purchasing decisions for relevant hard- and software, such as the software licences, and the maintenance of each Operative System.



You can always drop me a message on info@macandsoft.de.